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Choosing your cat name represents your feline, typically to others in your house because cats are more resistant than dogs to responding to a name. This is where persistance pays off. You kitty will accept their name only through repeated use. A small treat when you say their name is an excellent way to start. Or say your kittens name just as you feed them reinforces their identity. Saying their name quietly while you sit petting them is another way to reinforce their name.

The color of your cat is a big factor on how you might name them. A black cat might be named "Midnight" or "Night Stalker". Where as a Calico may be named "Patches" or "Spots".

Do any of the names shown in our lists stand out? Comb our lists and choose the cat name that looks and feels the best to you. Say the name out loud. Does it sound right?

Feel free to browse the unique lists. We have arranged them in alphabetical order to make it easier to choose a letter orientation that fits.

Some of the more popular names for your Tom Cat (or male cat) are Max, Sam, Charlie, Buddy, Toby, Rocky, Buster and Casey.

For the female cat, popular names are Lady, Kitty, Chelsea, Molly, Maggie, Sadie, Abby, Dakota and Sasha.

Then there are unisex names for female and male cats alike. These include cat names like Smokey and Shadow.

Another way to go would be based on the personality of you kitten. A cat that jumps straight up for no reason might be called "Spaz" or "Bullet". If your feline hides under things and then attacks various objects with little or no warning might have a name like "Stalker" or "Ghost". There are many choices when it comes to cat names.

Celebrity names are another good way to go for kitten names. Try not to choose a cat name that would only be a popular choice for a short time. Choose a more timeless movie star.

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