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A name for your cat is nice but it’s inevitable that you will need an accessory for him/her as time goes on.  I don’t like to use the word “product” to describe a toy, leash, harness, food dish, brush, collar, bowl, comb, clippers, treats, catnip, bed, sunglasses but it is shorter.
We strive to select the best possible accessories for your cat as well as selecting unique items.  Quality combined with a special sense of appeal.  We all know there is enough “lesser quality” stuff out there.  The difference is taking the time to care about your cat could actually use. For example the materials that make up your cat's food bowl is probably more important than the bowl itself. The same reflection of quality extends itself to combs, scratching posts, leashes and a host of other accessories as well.

I hope you enjoy browsing through all the cool pet stuff as much as we enjoyed putting it together.



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